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Indicator on an indicator with options

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Hi is it possible to create


1. an indicator to lie down below in a separate window (created from my own non price data)

2. and then for another technical indicator to be created from the output of the first indicator to lie on top of the price data

3. For the second indicator to be laid as an option table, such as A) Moving average/Stochastic/Bollinger B) select type such as  7 SMA or 9SMA etc

4. Can the MT4 natural list of technical indicators be used to calculate SMAs on the fly for my data, or would I need to offer up the data to be plotted using my own calcs on my server? 


I've looked at Autochartist and they seem to have created something similar 


5. I read about MT4i and other companies doing some stuff that pissed MQ off, would the stuff above constitute a red line for them? 

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen  


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This forum is about MT5/mql5, please post your question about MT4/mql4 on forum.

  • They are more people who can answer there.
  • They are more people who can have similar problem there.
  • A forum is not only to get help but to share with the community, mql4/MT4 community isn't the same as mql5/MT5 community.

By the way, all is possible to be programmed, it depends of how much money or time you are ready to invest.

I don't understand your point 5.

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