I need a programmer to build an EA for me.

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lejeune Bauvil
lejeune Bauvil  

This EA will work on MT4 or Mt5, but I prefer Mt4.

This EA will use 2 indicators that are already build into the MT4

1) The parabolic SAR ste as it is

2) the custom moving average set at 5.

Entry will be conditioned to those 2 movements.

Every time the market changes direction based on the parabolic, but entry will be when the market retrace back a little above or below the open price of the candle. ( first entry)

Second entry when the markets retraces back and touches at least the moving average.

Trades must closed at the expiration of the candle.

This EA must work on all time frame

This EA must work on all or any assets : currencies, commodities, Indexes and stocks

This EA must work for any mt4 or mt5 at any broker.

I do not have any source code, hopefully, this will not be difficult because those 2 are well known indicators build into all or most mt4.

It must be integrated with :

Stop loss in $ and pips :

Take profit in $ or profit :

Lot size:

Maximum open trades at once:

maximum trades within 24 hour:

Maximum consecutive losses:

If you are able to build such EA, contact me at dormerway@gmail.com and let me know the requirements, how long will ita take, payment method and how long will it take?

Tell me about your experience and proof that you are capable.

Must be able to test the EA first before final payment

For more details, I can always provide.



Hi, why don´t you go to freelance session?

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