EA expired

Hi everybody i have download one EA in somewhere, for me is good because i follow his work and sometimes i close or i move TP in manual  ..problem is this : at the end of the 2017 EA is expired there is someone that can do reverse engineering and cut off or move foward the date of expiring ?? I have only .ex4 file .. not .mql4 file ... Someone can ask me : why you don't send a mail to the author ?? .. because is unknow .. thanks in advance for your help ... 
Decompillation (hacking) is illegal, but reverse engineering may be expensive ...
Reverse engineering is elegant word than hacking but at the end result don't change ... software for decompilation is the same  ... so i have one good unknow EA ( for my trade ) but i can't use it ... :-(

Reverse Engineering is not hacking, it is not decompiling. It is looking at the result and coming up with and coding a strategy that seems to match.

If I showed you a moving average, couldn't you figure out it's period and type (SMA, EMA, ...?) No decompiling required.

Ok ok  i have do mistake  between hacking and reverse engineering .... thanks for precise description about ..
Have you figured it out ? I have an amazing expert advisor but the ea file expired and I don’t have source code