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Short swing at 2685 for target 2595 SL 2525 and more

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Gabriel D Arco
Gabriel D Arco  

because i think he done the Christmas rally more early than before and i think he will down a bit before end years may pull back before the 31 december for close the years i big gains then after in january fastly down more than my target...but is possible that my target can be reached before end year ( 12 days) 

Overbought much in weekly and monthy 
the ma20 and ma50 are so far from price in monthly somethign never seens in history 
all good news about tax and health care was priced 
even Fed hike rate stock continue to should be opposite 
so i think first quarter of 2018 will get a big correction 
For me e are in Bubble and pure speculation 
Market react at all good news and never react from bad news..something really crazy 
the viw historical for a long period 
and at the hedge fund and other big fish will finish to take them benefit they are not crazy ,they all know they so high now and abuse already too much 

short at 2685 

target at 2595 and surely 2550 and 2500 in 2018 

SL 2725 


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