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Add diagram object with indicator

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Albert 2014.03.18 20:36 


I hope somebody has an idea how to realize it. I haven't posted it in job section yet, cause i wanted to ask at first if it is possible easily.


If I have a symbol opened in H4 timeframe with two moving averages for example, I want to add a window like "Insert"-"Objects"-Diagram" with a higher timeframe and the same indicators.

In this case another windows with D1 timeframe and the two moving averages.


I only found this:

But I do not really understand how to add the code in the mini chart. I'd like to add an indicator from the market. 


This is the current chart, i can insert: 


This is the chart, I'd like to insert (With an indicator):



Thanks in advance! 

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2014.03.18 22:56  
I provided the code in the link you posted, what do you want more ?
Albert 2014.03.18 23:04  

Sorry. But I do not understand how to insert the indicator in the mini chart with the code. Where to insert the code?

And how is it possible with an indicator of the market?


Thanks fir your answer! 

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