Heaven or Hell?

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Have you heard the gospel? Did you know that there are two ways after you die? Hell (Gehenna) (eternal torment in the lake of fire) or Heaven/new earth, new Heaven which is an eternal paradise. People are sinners and they need to repent of the sin like homosexuality,  lying, stealing, and unbelief. Jesus can wash sin away with his blood. Jesus, son of God came here about 2000 years ago and lived the the sinless life. He died on the Cross because of your sin. There is no sin in him. He is the only way to His Father, God. He can save into eternal life! Jesus is God as well. He cast out demons, healed the sick and preached the gospel. He is doing it still now and he uses his disciples to heal the sick, preach the gospel and even raise the dead just like Jesus did! He lives in the Heaven! Its written in the Scriptures (Bible). There are some errors in Bibles nowadays but you can search for the original Greek scriptures. 

There is also a created creature,  the ruler of this world, the satan, the enemy of your soul who is the liar and he wants to steal, kill and destroy. There are also demons and angels of satan but also angels of God. If you are not to children of God, then satan is your father. You need to born again ( the new creature that God creates) and then you will be the child of  God! You need to live in the Holy Spirit,  live the life that God wants in order to get into eternal life. You need to crucify your flesh with the spirit of God. Just pray for the God that you would be born again from Heaven. Pray that he would change your heart and make it pure. Turn away from sin and the world and start to follow Jesus and make His Father will in your life!

Find people who are believers, who lives in the power of God and whose name are written in the Book of life. Those who believe will get saved but those don't believe will be condemned to the lake of fire and it's eternal! God is love but he is also a judge. He can also discipline his children because of love. He disciplines every child who he loves as it's his word! He who doesn't obey Jesus, then the wrath of God is upon this person. There are a lot of churches whose teach their lies like Lutheran and the Catholic church. Actually, in the scriptures, it says that there is only one congregation in one city. It's good to gather in homes but also in some buildings but it's not the will of God to give the name for the congregation as it separates. Those are the works of the flesh. You can't find anything about congregations which has the name in the scriptures. The letters are for the people in the cities where was the congregation. Start reading the new testament at first and then the old testament. You are blessed if you read and heard the book of revelation where everything is prophecied! We are living in the times of new covenant. 

I lived in sin but Jesus saved me about 6 years ago. He cured me of many things like homosexuality, drugs, alcohol, lying, stealing and many other things. The worst thing was Jerusalem syndrome and I almost killed myself as I thought that the voice of satan was from Jesus as the voice told me that I have no mercy and that I would die!  I am so happy that it was not the voice of God!  His words and your words condemn to the life or to the dead on the last day. Now I am happy with Jesus and I have peace in my heart. I have been in the discipline of God because of my mistakes but He still loves me and wants to save me to eternity! I have to just obey and make the will of God as well as I can!

Ps. This has nothing to do with this forum but the post could not get removed but updated only so I put the Gospel here. 

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