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How to fetch last iFractals upper and lower values

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Venkat ramana
Venkat ramana 2014.03.10 17:07 

Hi All

Pl help with the for loop code to fetch the last up and down ifractals value 

 Thx in advance


int start()

   double upval=iFractals(NULL,0,MODE_UPPER,3);
   double dnval=iFractals(NULL,0,MODE_LOWER,3);
   // How to write a for loop to get the last upval and dnval iFractals
   Print("Current candle : UP Fractals = ", upval); 
   Print("Current candle : DN Fractals = ", dnval);


Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2014.03.10 20:04  

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