How many days does "in the near future" mean approximately? (if I write an article)

Zsolt Mosonyi

Short version:

  1. Usually how much time does it take to get an answer or a comment on an article?
  2. If I write an article and send it for review, will I be contacted if my article is rejected?
  3. If my article is rejected, can I publish it on my blog?

Long version:

I'm till new to site, and I don't have enough experience on how things go. I wrote an article more than a week ago, and sent it for review, but did not get any answer yet. My article's status is "(ready for proofreading)" The system message says: "If your article is interesting for us, in the near future you will be contacted by moderator". If it is not interesting, I will not get any answer? I'm not sure about it, and I didn't expect that my first article would be published without any problems. I would be grateful for any kind of answer, that can help me write a better article next time. If it usually takes more weeks to process an article and send an answer, than I'm sorry to bother you. I'm not impatient, I just don't know when to expect an answer. About my last question: I didn't find anything about who has the rights of the article if it is rejected.

Thank you very much for the help!

Moses Olawale  Ajayi
any moment from the time you submitt the article is the near future. You will be contacted if your article is accepted or rejected. If your article is rejected, i think you can do anything with it. I think you should contact Service Desk if you are not contacted up till now. Thanks
Zsolt Mosonyi
Zsolt Mosonyi  
Thank you for the information!
Soewono Effendi
It was in 2014 ... and still the same now in 2020 .... 

"near future" means "near future"....
the curse for submitting article ;)

surprise me ....