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Problems with newest, and now localized, version of MT5

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I dont' know if Im right to post a new topic here for reporting problems, anyway I also sent an email to the 

support staff of MT4.

I'm a metatrader 5 user (I'm also a software programmer),and on last friday 24 september, a new version

of MT5 automatically installed in my PC.This new version, for the first time, came localized in italian language (I could stay well with the english version, I speak english too).

This new version keep consuming the CPU time of my computer 100% all the time, I think there must be a problem with this version of the software.

Last friday I also experienced, for the first time since I use my PC, the 'blue screen of death' of windows (vista).

I have windows vista on a modern compaq presario notebook PC with an intel pentium dual CPU t3400 2.17 GHZwith 4 GB of RAM.

Please help with assistance, as I intensively use the new platform on my account.

Thank You in advance

Bruno Campanelli



maybe you have some usefull errors and/or warnings logged about that. But you may want to recompile all your MT5 progs (EA & indi & script, etc) with this new MQL5 release.

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