Build 1643 #import issue

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Taskin Osman
Taskin Osman  
#define DLLFILE "test.dll"

#import DLLFILE                 
int             MqlLock_59BA7AC0_1_1I1iI1II1i(double, int, string) ;

int OnInit() { return(INIT_SUCCEEDED); }
void OnDeinit(const int reason){  }
void OnTick() {}

Given basic code compiles well with Build < 1643 but it throws an error

#import is expecting a filaneme

Briefly 1643 does not use #define variables. Is this 1643 broken? Because i cannot find this installation anymore, was it withdrawn from metaquotes because of such bugs?

Rashid Umarov
Rashid Umarov  

You are right.  Now the usage #import is allowed only for string values but not for defines. Is is change due the security reasons.

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