SetFocus / SendMessage Error when clicked taskbar.

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Shin Joo Young
Shin Joo Young  

I made an indicator that can automatically put ea to chart.

If i click windows taskbar (bottom), the indicator loses focus and the setfocus,key_event cannot work anymore.

Is there any function that can setfocus over the taskbar?

I tried SetForegroundWindow and ShowWindow BringWindowToTop ..etc. no one works.

I imagine an indicator / ea that can change chart's ea freely.

This source cannot work when I clicked taskbar.


int t_handle=GetAncestor(WindowHandle(Symbol(),Period()),2);

   Print("Focus : ",SetFocus(t_handle)," ",t_handle);   

//  The EA's hotkey is Ctri+1





BringWindowToTop function (Windows)
Brings the specified window to the top of the Z order. If the window is a top-level window, it is activated. If the window is a child window, the top-level parent window associated with the child window is activated. Syntax Parameters hWnd [in] A handle to the window to bring to the top of the Z order. Return value Type: If the function...
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