PC Capacity vs MT4

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I have a trouble in MT4. Please some one give me a good advice!

Before writing here, Firstly I ask my broker but they give up and  ask me to write hear to get a good technical advice.

My PC capability : Intel Core-i5 6500, Memory 8G with video card Nvidia Geforce 1050

Where Now I am testing with 2 MT4;

MT4(A): show 24 kind of Pair with Daily chart

MT4(B): show 24 kind of Pair with 4 hour chart

Both MT4 loaded 8 kind of Indicator, to see which time line would be good for my dealing method.

But about MT4(B) show a bad condition , do not react my click...not allow to make any deal especially LDN/NY time, need over 30 seconds to change the.

When I see PC's Task Manger the MT4 (B)  dominate about 25-30% of CPU performance, while MT4(A) show about 5-10% no problem at all!.

Watching PC, when MT4 dominates about 30%, automatically the MT4 seems to perform bad even the total CPU burden is less than 60-70% which indicate the PC has good space to work.

Tentatively I divided MT4(B) 24 Chart with 3 MT4 to ease the load of calculation of MT4 but still each divided MT4 show about 20-30% each of task manager and not react my click.....

Please advice me the reason of this case happen?

Yes dieting indicator would be a one way to solve this problem but  before do this I want to know the reason of this problem happen even dividing in 1/3 burden expecting the CPU burden lighter.....

The worst case for me, If I must diet some indicator, Also Could someone advice me to identify the indicator that require the heavy calculation to my PC? but...it work on daily chart with no problem..........

Or should I change the CPU in higher performance like Core i7? but my friend tell me that Mt4 works with single thread so I can not expect the drastically improvement with new CPU.

Thank you for your attention and looking forward to see kind suggestion and advice in advance.

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