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Do you know that MQL5 can create custom graphical tools?
Bogdan Caramalac
Bogdan Caramalac 2010.09.23 19:20 

I don't get ... what are these supposed to mean?

As I knew from MT4, the tick value is the value of a tick (for forex, equal to SYMBOL_POINT) on a forex pair.

So if EURCHF has a standard lot size of 100,000 EUR and SYMBOL_POINT is 0.00001, the tick is equal to the value, in account currency (USD), of 100000 x 0.00001 CHF (1 CHF).

It doesn't have two calculation modus to yield two values (one for profitable positions, one for losing positions)..

Now, why do we have two requests for tick size ? (actually 3, because SYMBOL_TRADE_TICK_SIZE is the same as SYMBOL_TRADE_TICK_SIZE_PROFIT) 

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