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Whats wrong with my stop loss?

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Hi guys,
I have an idea to locate my stop loss (in case Buy Order): at the lowest of 3 previous candles (i used M15 chart)

I tried using iLowest ((iLowest(NULL,PERIOD_M15,MODE_LOW,3,1)) but when tested in MT4 it wont modify the SL at correct price, even in other trade SL was not modified at all. 

shows on attachment

I dont know whats wrong.
Then i tried use previous day low as SL using iLow ((iLow(NULL,PERIOD_M15,1)) but return the same result.
Insted of that, I used : Low[1] and get it right.  Whereas, "((iLow(NULL,PERIOD_M15,1))" is the same as "Low[1]".
Whats wrong with my programming?
What can I do to locate my stop loss at the lowest/highest of 3 previous candles.
Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber  

As written in the reference (F1 if the cursor is above it) iLowest() returns the index of the bar with the lowest 'what-ever' (may that's why it begins with iLowest()?) - not the value.

Just see the example there!

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