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Help with HTTP Post

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Richard Read
Richard Read  


Hoping someone can help me with this. I'm trying to send an HTTP Post with parameters, but have not used them much. How do I format/send the parameters? Where do the parameters go?

Here is my basic code so far:

void OnStart()
   string headers = "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded";
   string data = "";
   string acceptTypes[1] = {"*/*"};

   int HttpOpen = InternetOpenW("",1, "", "", 0);  
   int HttpConnect = InternetConnectW(HttpOpen, url, 7777, "", "", 3, 0, 1);
   int HttpRequest = HttpOpenRequestW(HttpConnect, "POST", "/index.php", "HTTP/1.1", "", acceptTypes, 0, 1);
   bool result = HttpSendRequestW(HttpRequest, headers, StringLen(headers), data, StringLen(data));

   if (HttpOpen > 0)
   if (HttpRequest > 0)

And these are the parameter fields:

//authentication header to enable the sending and receiving of HTTP requests. 
//Please use the below credentials if you intend to update, create or delete indicator posts/data sets!
//Basic GET queries do not require authentication, but if you want to do any kind of editing or updating of meta data you will need to use the below,
//otherwise REST will simply throw a 404 error
$headers = array (
        'Authorization' => 'Basic ' . base64_encode( 'Werner' . ':' . 'CAwU keBK ZwGL mU54 YRKv KZAn' ),

//prepare body of request with meta key/value for inserting or updating new dataset
//technically you do not need to have such an array for GET requests or DELETE requests (you only need the data set ID for those)
//, only if you wish to update or add/insert a new data set into the database
//Also make sure to add 'status' => 'publish' to the array of data below to ensure that you dataset is published(queryable)
$body = array (
    'title'                     =>      $currencyPair,
    'indicator_currency_pair'   =>      $currencyPair,
    'indicator_time'            =>      $indicatorTime,
    'indicator_alpha_n'         =>      $alphaN,
    'indicator_value_2'         =>      $value2,
    'indicator_value_3'         =>      $value3,
    'indicator_value_4'         =>      $value4

//make POST request, i.e. update/add/delete post meta/data set as per $method variable defined earlier on
$response = wp_remote_request ($url, array(
    'method'    =>      $method,
    'headers'   =>      $headers,
    'body'      =>      $body

Would really appreciate any help with this!

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