Searching for MT5 Brokers with good history data for backtests


Hello, just wondering if you you know any good MT5 Brokers with good history data? 

So far i found: 

Admiral Markets (very nice history data for forex as i can tell so far)

ActivTrades (less history data, but maybe to compare EA for Spread only broker without commission)

RoboForex (less data then AM as well)

MetaQuotes.. was using this for long time, maybe not best :D 

What Brokers are you using? What i am really looking for is at least OHLC data for indices (Ger30,S&P,...) most Mt5 broker dont have them or just provide ~ 3month of data :(

Maybe we can create a list of useful brokers for backtesting ;) (i hope there is none so far, i was using search engine first, found nothing)