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Futures and Forex Glossary Dictionary WXYZ

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Warehouse Receipt

A document guaranteeing the quality and quantity of the underlying asset in a futures contract.


The right to buy stock (usually preferred stock) from the issuer.

Weak Dollar

When the U.S. Dollar weakens against a basket of currencies.

Wealth Creation Business

An all in one service that includes tax management, investment advice and more.


A situation where a trader sets a stop loss only for the price movements to trigger it and then move in the opposite direction afterward. This means the trader loses double. See Also: Stop Loss Order

Whisper Number

Analysis from the main banks and institutions that were never intended for the public, but finds its way out as rumors.


The sale of an asset in large quantities as opposed to retail sales.

Wire Transfer

A forex transfer done electronically from one bank to another.

Withholding Tax

Withholding part of an employee's income to pay directly to the government in taxes by the employer.

Working Day

Days where banks are open for business. When a forex transaction is made, the banks in both countries involved must be open at the same time.

World Trade Organization (WTO)

Organization for free trade that works by lowering tariffs and other taxes on trades between member countries.


The symbol for a mutual fund on NASDAQ.

Yankee Market

Slang term for the U.S. Stock market.


Slang term for one billion (as in one billion USD).


The return on investment in a given time period.

Yield Curve

A curve showing the relationship between yields and maturity for a number of related securities (most often bonds). See Also: Inverse Yield Curve

Zero Bound

When a country's interest rates are approaching zero. When a country is zero bound, the central bank loses the possibility to use quantitative easing. See Also: Quantitative Easing


Statistical indicator that measure the distance of one data set to the mean of the set in number of standard variations.
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