Futures and Forex Glossary Dictionary E1


Government Monetary policy changes designed to increase spending by lowering interest rates or a small price decline in a currency’s value. Related Term: Federal Funds Rat

ECB Conferences

Announcements and press conferences by representatives of ECB’s governing council detailing decisions taken by them with respect to monetary policy. Related Term: Central Ban

Economic Indicator

Key statistics relating to the direction in which a country’s economy was headed. Example: Inflation, Unemployment rate. Related Term: Consumer Price Index (CPI), Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Unemployment Figures, Coincident Indicato

Effective Exchange Rate

Inflation adjusted weighted average of a country’s currency relative to a basket of other major currencies or an index

Either Way Market

Bid and offered rates being identical in the interbank Eurodollar deposit market.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Transferring funds between different bank account through the Automated Clearing House System.

Electronic Order Futures

Orders subject to the regulatory framework of the exchange offering the system and or listing the contract.

Electronic Trading System (Futures)

Transmission of futures trading information from one firm’s computer to another firm’s computer in electronic forma

Elliot Wave Principle

A pattern recognition theory that propagates the view of currency prices following a pattern of five waves up and three waves down to form a complete cycle. Related Term: Technical Analysis

End of Day (Mark to Market)

Valuation of the trader’s book at the close of each working day as opposed to accrual system which accounts for profit or loss only when realized

Entity Trading Account

Section of a firm’s trading activity income statement detailing the way operating profit was realized


Ordinary stocks traded in an exchange.


Holder of a stock or financial security having an ownership interest. Related Term: Asset, Balance Sheet

Equity Curve

Graphical representation of the value of an account during a particular time period.