MT4 ex4 coding

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Hi guys,

Total newbie here so hope this post is ok.

I have a binary option indicator that is working really well but I need to have it turned into an auto trader. I am using Core Liquidity Markets and/or Vantage FX, they are releasing BO auto trader in the next week or so (very excited).

I was wondering if it was at all to have someone convert this for me? I have googled and googled but can't find how to do it myself unfortunately. I have found a few coding things I could try, however the file that I have as an indicator is the ex4 file not the mq4 part. I didn't write this myself so I'm not sure I can get the mq4 file from where I downloaded.

I have attached the file here also. Haven't done a screen shot but if you load this into indicators you can see how effective it is. Red dot, place put immediately, green dot, place call immediately. 60 second trades.

Anyway, if anyone can advise if this is at all possible it would brilliant.

I sincerely appreciate any comments or advice.


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