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Bug in Tester, Incorrect Trade Opening/Closing & Garbled Output

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Ideal Trade
Ideal Trade  

After making a small change to an EA and recompiling, I get garbled output in the result window as well as incorrect trade opening/closing.  

The small change I made was a simple change to the variable names for MA indicators.  I have defined several variables as the values of various MA indicators, and I simply had a typo and placed the wrong variable name.  I accidentally typed EMA_8_1 when I meant to type EMA_8_2. Both variables are outputting correct data according to the logs, and all other variables and functions that I've defined have been functioning perfectly until this change.  I should have several dozen trades in the window, at least, as I'm testing for the previous year.

Attached images show garbled output. Has anyone else seen this behavior before? - User Memo
  • 2010.02.25
  • MetaQuotes Software Corp.
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