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Get Indicator properties from chart

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gilben benhur
gilben benhur 2014.02.06 16:35 



I  am working on an alert tool that will alert on indicators events.

I want the alerter be as flexible possible, so I don't want the user to fill endless properties in the indicator. 


I am looking for a way to receive the properties of a indicator already on chart.

I wonder if there is something like ObjectGet()  but for Indicators like Moving Average, RSI etc...


The new MQL4 (build 584 and up) is providing  some information about indicators, with ChartIndicatorsTotal() and ChartIndicatorName(),

but I cant find a way to retrieve its values.

Please help with any information or examples , thank you.



Robert Mihali
Robert Mihali 2014.02.06 17:53  

hello gilben


You can go in your MetaEditor to "help", then choose "Technical indicators" and there it is explained how to get the value of an indicator at a certain time.

for example:

double value = iRSI(Symbol(), 0, 14, 0, 17)

(this would give you the value (17 bars ago) of the RSI indicator with period 14) 


 Hope I could help 

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2014.02.06 18:35  




Please post your question about MT4/mql4 on forum. This forum is about MT5/mql5. Thank you.

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