Alert for Bollinger & RSI Signal

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Good evening.I watched that many experts of Metatrader,are member in this forum.

I need Your assistance to code a simple rule and edit a sound alert according this signal.

The rules for Long : Low(or actual price) <= BollingerBandBottom(20.2)


RSI14 >= SMA50(RSI14)

The rules for Short : High(or actual price) >= BollingerBandTop(20.2)


RSI14 <= SMA50(RSI14)

The aimes are : 1.Sound Signal for first time of true condition of the rules

2.Message(Box) on Chart with information (if not too complicated)

3.Arrow above/below the candle to show signal (can be visible before candle is closed,only as optical support)

I believe for the professionel programmers here,that will not be a big deal.

But a solution will be very much appreciated from my side.

Thanks in advance

and many greetings from switzerland


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