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Have a couple ideas for simple indicators

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Was wondering if anyone could code the following very simple ideas into indicators with audible and e-mail alerts and arrows:

1. Fast stochastic (5,3,3) divergence for all time frames. One that I could assign to a pair and have it give alerts whenever a certain amount of divergence is reached, erring on the side of fewer alerts and thus higher % setups. Would be great if it could be restricted to say TFs above 1 min, or both 1 and 5 min, and so on. I imagine there are already fast stoch divergence indicators out there and would be happy to try a good one that has already been coded.

2. RSI and Fast Stoch OB/OS indicator. Specifically, an indicator to alert me when Stoch (5,3,3) rises over 90/under 10 within say 5 bars either side of the RSI(14) hitting 80/20. I believe this would provide high probability setups to be entered on price action confirmation. Would also be cool if the thresholds and speeds for both RSI and Stoch could be user-adjusted according to one's tastes. Can we call this one the JOTS indicator?

Any suggestions to improve these ideas is most welcome.

Thanks in advance!



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