Trading in a virtual desktop/vps...what software do you use most???

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Hello everyone,

I'm so happy to have found such an active trading forum. I am posting to ask what software everyone uses in their trading activities?

Let me explain...

My company has special virtual desktop plans designed for traders. They are based on vps technology, and so we save a lot of disk space by setting up the most common applications as 'templates'. While subscribers can install any trading software they want, using the templates makes hosting easier (on the back-end)....I hope it also makes for an attractive package (and the speed and connectivity certainly is a bonus)

By far, the most popular trading application is MetaTrader. But what else are we missing?

We already have the following made:



Speed Trader

Mig Trading Station

TCNet / TeleChart

Besides this list....what are the most popular trading applications? What do you use????

I appreciate everyones input.

Thank you,


I have always been using metatrader and always find it very nice and easy...

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