Metatrader tester Server bind error

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Hello together, 

I am brand new to this software and I wanted to support by using the Metatrader tester module. Unforunately I had to find the following lines in the log-files:

GD 0 10:11:11.470 Startup access rights to common directory successfully checked

EO 0 10:11:11.475 Startup service start initialized

RH 0 10:11:11.476 Startup create startup thread

ML 0 10:11:11.476 Startup thread successfully created

CR 0 10:11:11.477 Startup MetaTester 5 x64 build 1596 (26 Apr 2017)

GJ 3 10:11:11.480 Server bind error on [10048]

ON 3 10:11:11.480 Startup error in startup thread

What am I  doing wrong?

Thanks for help in advance

Kind regards


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