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Rubicon Expert Advisor - Based on Rubicon indicator : Ready to use

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Asad Raza
Asad Raza  
I search on net Rubicon EA but didn't find.. so i develop my own...

I did it with my little knowledge, if someone has good idea, please share.

Steps To use:
1) Download Rubicon-Indicator.ex4 (I dont have mql4 file, i download ex4 from internet)
2) Download Rubicon-Expert.ex4

3) Place Rubicon-Indicator in MQL4/indicators/
4) Place Rubicon-Expert in MQL4/experts/

===> Now add both expert and indicator in same chart

For Strategy Test:
5) Open strategy test, select Rubicon-expert and run with visual mode and every tick.
6) When test start, Drag Rubicon-indicator in chart from indicators list.

Note: During strategy test, do not  click on "Skip". because expert get value from running chart...

With rubicon EA: 60% orders get success... 
20% orders reach near TP limit.. and then get lose... 

::::Stop lose setting: I am not using Rubicon SL in my EA,
Rubicon indicator SL is too high, so fix Maximum SL to 220 pips on H1 chart, you can change it from setting according to your Chart period /H1/H4 etc.
If Rubicon SL is 300 pips then default 220 apply,
if Rubicon SL is 100 then 100 apply not 220... 

If some one make if more better, i will thankful for him.. 

It is ready to use, but if you upgrade it, please share it with us...

Q:Why i want share it with you?
A: Because i learn from you, i learn from forms, you deserve this.

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