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10m Scalping Strategy that is showing great potential

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James Merrick
James Merrick  

Hi everyone, 

I have been trading for a few years now and have tried and tested lots of different indicators.   I came to the conclusion "What is it we are all really looking at?"  How can there be so many different indicators for the same thing!!  That got me thinking, why do buyers buy and sellers sell?  Its because of Supply and Demand or Sentiment!   

As we can NEVER predict the future we can only gauge the "Sentiment of Now", the in the moment decision of Buyers and Sellers.  So why make it any more complex than that?   I understand that Fundementals drive markets, but for most newbies or retail traders we are in the market for a quickie!! In and Out, make our money and feel good! 

So Scalping has got its place, and I feel that I've developed a chart based strategy that uses only one set of indicators.  The Bull/Bear, because that is what is what we are meant to be watching, that what the market is telling us.  Its Price Action, Buyers and Sellers, what we need to decided is when one is stronger than the other, and when the stronger pushed price to a place where "Sentiment" had divergence or in reality "opportunity"!  

So, with this mindset I'm going to take anyone who follows me on a journey.  I do not need any new indicator, only maybe if someone can code "sentiment % change" from the extreme points of "Opportunity" I mentioned before. 

Thanks for listening and I hope to show you over the coming weeks the results! 



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