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Not plotting data from CSV File

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piptakers 2017.03.20 19:11 

Hi there,

I am new to MQL4, my first ever indicator program, which I coded so far.

I want to plot some values from CSV File. The format of CSV file is -

3/20/2017 0:00, 120

3/20/2017 0:05, 125

3/20/2017 0:10, 128

and so on

I want to plot the values wrt the candle/bar. All is working fine, I have tested it at various points using Print, only problem is in the

code which is used to load the Buffer. I am unable to understand.

The Code is -

#property  indicator_separate_window
#property  indicator_buffers 1
#property  indicator_color1  Red
#property  indicator_width1  1

string   FileName         = "dataFile.csv";

double     buffer0[];
datetime   dt[9999];
double     val[9999];
string     arr[9999];    // added to accomplish format conversion
int c;
int init()  
  IndicatorShortName("Plotting : "+FileName);

int start()  
  //Print("File names : "); 
  int h = FileOpen(FileName, FILE_CSV|FILE_READ,',');
      if (h==0) {
         Comment("File "+FileName+" not found.");

      for (int c=0; !FileIsEnding(h) && c<9999; c++)  {
         if (FileIsEnding(h))  break;
         dt[c]= FileReadDatetime(h);
      // Passing the data for plotting
       //Here is the main problem
      for (int j=0; j<=Bars; j++)  {
         while(Time[j] < dt[c]) c--;
            if (c >= 0) 
               buffer0[j] = val[c];
            Print("Time    : ", Time[j]);
      Print("File Not Found");  
piptakers 2017.03.21 04:28  
The problem is solved. There was a little confusion in understanding the logic to transfer the data to buffer.
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