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Reversal trend and or Trend continuation - lightIndyFerruFX

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Hello Friend..

This indicator designed originally by ferrufx could work as reversal tool and or trend continuation tool..

Any programmer.. have a possibility to add a feature to this lightindy indicator

Add an object arrown in the chart in the candle when appears the alarm trigged.. Example 95% in red for down.. and 95% in green when its up ..

off course the object "Arrow 95%" its will be painted in the candle everytime 95% triggered in the indy..

its clear?

this is to know how many times the #95% been triggered..

When 95% its a bit possiblitly to a reversal trend.. Also this system works well.. when its in 65% to put an order in confirming a continuation trend.

Could someone.. add the object arrows in the chart..and share the modification..?

thank you.

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