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Strategy tester - calculating steps

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Ernie Gunning
Ernie Gunning  

Hi All,

I wrote my first EA WOOPEEE!! I thought I was very bright and found it easy peazy and I am sparky. Nice to see profits however my EA seemed to stop working during the day. Soo I decided to look at the Strategy tester to improve performance. .. uhhh yea that's where all the fun and games started because I can't run it because if I select all my input variable my step count shot trough the roof (more than double max) and the tester will not run...

WFAA!!! Why do my input variables count steps? How will my EA work if I dont enable all my input variables?? I'm sooo sure I dont understand this input concept.

Please help explain:

1) Why Input variables count steps?

2)How to reduce the steps to be able to run the strategy tester?

I have looked at the  documentation and no luck there to start understanding this one. Also read an article half way trough into "Tick generation formulas" and yea...ummm hallway through kinda like assumed it is not the same as step calculation....I don't feel like no sparky no more!!!

Help would be appreciated.


Ernie Gunning
Ernie Gunning  

Ok I think I NEVER understood how the strategy tester worked. Sorry for all these noob questions however please confirm if I do Understand the Strategy tester now

Variables listed in the Input tab of the strategy tester should actually be variables that touches you profit  directly? Like Take Profit (TP) Stop Loss (SL) and maybe deviation etc. I noted that the strategy tester actually try different values for all your input variables probably (mine is still running while Im updating here) to try an suggest better settings?

Wow now I wish I could say I feel like a sparky  :-( lol

It actually tests your strategy and not your code performance  :)

What are common input variables?


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