Trend Trading with Price Action Reversals - page 2

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I still do not understand why so many fail to understand this concept and rely on candle formations on larger timeframes.. It is all pointless.

Hi 4xleader82,

I agree with you

but i think we can rely on this type of candle formation

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Hey everyone, After browsing this forum a bit and seeing all the confusion and overly complicated trading systems people are using, I have decided to create a thread on simple trading strategies. I have been using price action to trade the forex market with good success for about the past year. I have been unprofitable for the first 6 years of my trading career up until the last year. So I am making it a point to try and let other people know how I have found success so that they can stop the confusion and frustration of trading systems that simply don't work.

Hmm, before you start making new traders think that the trading systems on this forum do not work, you should gain more experience in trading. Many of these systems do work, what does not work is the traders dedication to the system and consistency to stay with it with confidence. You should also not assume that every trader likes to trade with a simple strategy that is solely based on price action. Every trader likes to trade differently, just like how everyone has a different favorite hobby or taste in ice cream.

And also, not all price action you read in your books works in every market. Many price action patterns work better in certain markets better than others, such as certain patterns work better in commodities or stocks better than Forex, plus some patterns work better in bullish or bearish trends, not equally well in both.

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