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The last update broke my code

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kombat 2009.11.21 05:08 

Edit: Whoa, my name isn't Kombat !  Your forum has me posting as another dude. This is just strange now. I am circlesquares! lol.

Edit: I'm gonna logout and login again. whoever Kombat is, he'll think I hacked him or something. It's not me, it's the forum code screwing up.

Compile error occurs where I am passing an array stored in an object to a function. My first error was "array access error", then testing revealed another error,"tree optimize error".

It confused me because the code worked on one machine and not the other until i remembered one machine received the update and the other one didn't. 

Even when I managed a workaround and got a successful compilation my script refuses to load on chart.

Undo please :)

Documentation on MQL5: Language Basics / Variables
Language Basics / Variables - Documentation on MQL5
VonDo Mix
VonDo Mix 2009.11.21 16:52  

murad 2010.03.17 17:14  
This situation is resolved. Thanks for you feedback
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