I need a Forex trader's DAUGHTER


I have all my indicators programmed by Optimu, so that they generate beside the sygnal also a warning alert. For this, it should be nice if we made here in this thread a collection of nice women voices availeble that speak a in series of frasez that can be used in Forex Trading.

In stead of listening to my own grumpy voice telling me to go long or short, it should be nicer to hear a gentle nice women voice.

The frazes I need are:

"channel break long"

"channel break short"

"small channel break out"

"BIG channel break out"

"open a short trade"

"open a long trade"

"Go Long"

"Go Short"

It should be said by a young smiling female voice.

If you want to speak this in commercialy I am also prepared to pay a small fee. I live in Belgium Flanders and the girls here have a hell of an accent. So I should prefer a native American our a girl who sounds like one.

The recordings may be saved as an MP3 or as a wav file.



If we can't find a nice sweet laughing women's voice to alert us for an event on the chart, than this is a second best: An online voice generator.

They are pretty good these days. No longer sounding like metalic robot voice.

Test it out here:

Cepstral.com This is one of the best, you can chose the voice.

Web-based Text To Speech tools For an overview.

Acapela-group.com Also good !

AT&T.com Big Company result


Hi, this one was posted here on TSD few months ago...

AT&T Labs Text-to-Speech: Demo

Have a great week!



ahh, sorry i didn't see you posted the link already, i was thinking it was your signature