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Hi Guys please Help!

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Tolga TANIS  

Hi ,

I have an <> indicator and as you know it's ex4 so i cant edit and no values for icustom,  it's creates basic abcd formation, when it's working there are a lot of abcd formation nested on the chart (i attached pic),  

 so i want to get last D and C values from chart when its created.. i tried but i couldnt get true values with ObjectGet codes..

p‌lease help me and thank you so much!!

ps: example for text name="PZAR12-48-1489430100-label--D"


abcd.jpg 139 kb
Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden  

Trend angle values can only be set and not be get.

But you can extract price values and compare those for higher highs and lower lows. etc.

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