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can you trade the E mini S&p 500

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Saintboom 2017.03.13 05:08 
was searching for the Emini S&P with the symbol ES or /ES and it wasn't bringing it up.  can you even trade the mini on this platform?
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2017.03.13 07:17  

I am not sure ... but I found the following (Just2Trade-MT5 server to open the account in MT5):

E‌-mini S&P 500 Mar 17:

and more here (and you can look at the other brokes too):

Michael Maggi
Michael Maggi 2017.04.07 09:27  
Hello, some forex brokers have a CFD that parallels the ES current mini futures contract.  FXCM calls it the SPX500 CFD.  I have watched them side by side and prices moved exactly together however the CFD does not roll over like the futures contract... it acts more like the continuous contract.
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