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Distribute slow indicator calculation over mutliple frames - page 2

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whroeder1 2017.03.13 20:43  
James Cater: It's really not that clear how you achieve the "chunking" of work between calls.
last = (start - 2000) or zero seems clear to me.
Papillon 2017.03.17 17:10  
  1. Was that so hard?
  2. Did you bother reading the thread to #12?
    What part of "do in groups" was unclear?

Stanislav Korotky:

You can do it not only on ticks but on timer events.

These are just "tricks" to improve responsiveness, but the complete data will not be available more quickly. Your idea is good of course, but ... (see next post)

Papillon 2017.03.17 17:13  

I have... the thing is, it's an indicator showing the upper and lower boundaries of the value area of the market profile. That means i have to calculate the market profile for each bar which takes some time, but I can't see how I could possibly speed that up without loosing accuracy.

I really doubt there is no way to improve speed if your "chart is stuck". But it's not possible to prove it as you didn't post the code.
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