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Signal problem or transform an indicator to an EA

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Hey guys,

I have some problem to get the right signals. 

I have already loaded the solar_wind indicator in the EA with iCustom, but the signals aren't really reliable. The indicator buy/sell signal aren't synchronous with the indicators alerts (alerts happens when cross is happening). 

Now I noticed that the indicator calucalte the signal/alert between the lines 125 to 143. (see code)


My questions are:

1. is it possible to send true (or 1 for buy) or false (or -1 for sell) to the EA. The value are setted between the line 125 to 143 in the indicator. How can I access those values from the EA. Should I create a global variable?

2. Or should the indicator transformed and inlcuded as a function into the EA? Is this possible with this indicator?

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