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Importing Quality data into Mt4

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Bronislaw Pilis
Bronislaw Pilis  

Hi guys,

I hope someone can help.

I have downloaded some trial quality data 1 month to check quality.

Data was in txt got that converted to csv in Excel.

But when importing into Mt4 I got some bars which are not in Excel file

My mt4 view of 1m EurUsd 2016/07/01- 2016/08/01

 Mt4 EurUsd 1m Papperstone Date

I know It doesn't look Quality data.

The think is than these odd bars are always doubling previous or next bar.

For example 23:48;23:49;23:50;23:50;23:51;23:52. Where 23:50 bar is twice.

But when you check Excel file there is only one 23:50 bar. Which is the bottom one.


And chart look like that see above.

My question is how come when importing into mt4 I get these doubled bars which are not in Excel file data?

Also I see there is 30792 bars data which seems to be about right for 21-22 Market working days during this period(60*24=1440*22days=31680)

But switching to Mt4 I see this

Mt4 shows 19199 records 

After importing same file into Mt4 it shows please see above 19199 records even with those extra bars.

Max bars in history set to over 2 bln bars.

If anyone got any idea of what it may be Ill be greatfull. 

Many thanks.

Mt4 Excel bars data comparison. Odd bar in Mt4 highlighted. Look on volume to easy find bars. 

Bronislaw Pilis
Bronislaw Pilis  
All sorted now :-) Just used raw txt file in Mt4 skipping 1 column. It must be something with csv files Mt4 don't like.
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