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Shadow and Bollinger Bands

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Giovanni Guastella
Giovanni Guastella  

Hi guys,

Hi, I follow this site for some but I have never written on the forum.

I'm getting closer to programming in MQL4, I started to build a EA, but i have different problems.

My question is: The shadow as revenue? for example interests me take the shadow of high penultimate candle (time frame 15m).

it might look like this:

double shadow = iHigh (Symbol (), 15.1);

Right? but if I wanted to know how many pips is made? how can I do? we thing that I would like to place a sell order when the shadow is long minimum 20 pips. How can I do?

Another thing, if you wanted to insert the bollinger and ensure that the open position when the shadow is above the high Bollinger, how should I do?

I know to call the bollinger high I need to write something like:

double bollingerh = iBands (Symbol(), tframe, bPeriod, bDeviations, boffset, PRICE_CLOSE, MODE_UPPER, 0);

it's right?

then should be enough go to define the "if"

example: if (shadowh> bollingerh)

{ // Example: "order sell-operation" }

it would be fair? I do not go ... I opened all the position where it should not. someone would be able to help me? 


 Thanks so much 

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