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Virtual Hosting and EA Log Files (not MetaTrader Log Files)

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Mark100 2016.11.29 15:32 



Sorry - this is my first question.   I have written and EA that writes log files to the mql4/files directory.   Recently I have been looking at setting up Virtual Hosting on metatrader 4, however I cannot seem to get a copy of the log files that my EA writes from the server.   Please note that I am on about custom files, not the MetaTrader log files that are stored in the Logs directory and can be seen using "Journals" option.

I am nervous about changing the location of the files to the Logs directory (if that is possible) because every now and then I see a Flush Logs command being run on the Virtual Host. 

The only way I can think of accessing the data is to create an EA to FTP it to another server somewhere.   I was just wondering if I am missing something ?

When I asked the host for help they said go and contact MetaTrader.


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