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help with news data from bls and series ID

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I'm working on an expert advisor to trade news releases, not just dates and times but actual news reports.
Currently just working on nfp. So I know the first things I need is to extract the data in order to use it for the expert advisor to make trades.

Pythons sample codes here:
Unfortunately the code is wrong and I made edits to get it working. Getting rid of the &quot which is for html and replaced with " real quotes instead to make it work.

When I search for a series ID for the requested query, I can't seem to find out which one to use for nonfarm payrolls.
The site indicates ID's here but I don't really know which to use and I do not get the results I'm expecting.
Google search seems to indicate that it's series ID: CES0000000001. However, the bls sites shows it as CES0000000003

I want to extract the data for previous, forecast, actual for nfp
What series ID's would these be ?

Once I create an ea for this changing the series ID to make the code work, then I can make  it work for other news announcements. This would be relatively simple. I'm going to make it work on trigger data not just straddling the date of the news.

Does anyone know anything about the bereau of labor statistics and which ID's I should use for nonfarm payroll data ?

Please advise
Accessing the Public Data API with Python
Accessing the Public Data API with Python
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Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen  
How is that related to mql ?
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