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All steps for following a Signal with new account

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craigjritchie 2016.11.22 19:18 

Hi all,

I wanted to describe the steps needed to create an account and subscribe to someone else's Signal. The site has a great guide called "HOW TO SUBSCRIBE TO TRADING SIGNALS" and links to an explanatory YouTube video, but I wanted to be explicit with each step to be sure that my MQL5, broker (RoboForexEU) and MetaTrader setups had all been done correctly.

 Brand new to this, first post and all. I am sure there were questions like this before, but I'm hoping to collect all the necessary steps so that a) I know I have not missed anything, and b) future newbies can refer to this for help.


  1. I created an account with RoboForexEU 
  2. I verified the account with a scanned uploaded image of  my passport and a scan of a water bill to prove my address
  3. I then made a deposit using Visa (CardPay). 
  4. I made a payment via Paypal to my MQL5 account
  5. In the RoboForexEU client, I went to Tools -> Options -> Community and added my MQL5 details.
  6. I added the Signal by selecting from the Signals at the bottom of the client, then authorising the payment from my MQL5 funds.
  7. I completed the details for the Signals in the options window, with all options ticked, and entered the "Use no more than" and "Deviation/Slippage" values.
  8. Clicked OK, and waited.

Have I missed anything out here - are there additional steps?


Trading Signals showcase in MetaTrader 4/5
Trading Signals showcase in MetaTrader 4/5
  • 2015.03.09
How to choose a trading signals and subscribe to it in MetaTrader Platforms? Its easy! Watch the video and you will know everything about trading signals.
Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden 2016.11.22 19:26  

You are not a verified seller.

Verify your account.

craigjritchie 2016.11.22 19:28  

Updated with steps 2 and 3 - or are there additional verification steps needed?

Also wanted to clarify that this was for following someone else's Signal  and not creating my own to sell to others. 

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