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Indicators: Rsi(oma)

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Automated-Trading 2016.11.18 13:43 


Rsi (7 types of RSI) with a lot of additions.



Author: Mladen Rakic

Mladen Rakic
Mladen Rakic 2016.11.18 14:07  

Possibilities that we did not have using metatrader 4 ...

Two  hours time frame seems to be a "strange" time frame. It seems to be good in almost any case when we are looking for a trend. Here is an example of rsi(oma) using default settings with an addition of a mild (14 period) price smoothing applied to 2 hour time frame. As it is obvious, it seems to be quite good for trend following strategies

As usual, some experimenting is advised, but as a rule of thumb, rsi(oma) works very well with price smoothing/filtering set to periods like in the example above

Muhammad Syamil Bin Abdullah
Muhammad Syamil Bin Abdullah 2016.11.20 07:19  

Interesting will use it for experimenting my Isakas signal trading system as a confirmation buy sell signal.

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