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How relevant is a low latency server for 'normal' EA trading?

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kathala 2016.11.16 20:48 

Good evening,


I'm sure this questions has been debated before, but the search turned up nothing. (Btw, is there a  function to search only a sub-area of the forum??)

What is your experience with better execution (or lack thereof) when using a low latency server rather than any standard offering of amazon or the like - in 'normal' trading, meaning positions being held for hours or days, not high frequency or short term trading or scalping? I've read mixed opinions whether it's worth the additional costs, and my own testing hasn't been conclusive. Do you get better fills? Are your EAs trading more profitably? Is a LL server worth the premium?

I've come across the opinion that dedicated hosters for trading might survey or copy your EAs. Since all flying saucers I've witnessed were in my kitchen cupboard, I deem such considerations of little relevance at this point.


Best regards 

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