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Indicators: Double smoothed stochastic

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Automated-Trading 2016.11.10 14:52 

Double smoothed stochastic:

Double smoothed stochastic — extended

Author: Mladen Rakic

Mladen Rakic
Mladen Rakic 2016.11.10 15:21  

Possible usage examples :

Classical way of using it - William Blau was using levels 30 and 70, default settings for the indicator are a bit more aggressive 20 and 80. Levels, by all means, should be experimented with

And the "fooling around" mode : all the 4 types types (all the rest is the same, just the average types are different) combined in a single window, allowing to see something that could be called a "consensus" of 4 indicators

This example also reminds us that metatrader 5 have closed the gaps of graphical representation that existed before, and that a lot of surprisingly new ways of displaying what used to be just "as simple as it gets" display type can be achieved with the new display types now

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