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Set an alert

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mmmiiiccc 2016.10.23 10:43 

Hello, I have a problem and  really hope someone can help me there. I have an indicator but I just have the ex4 file. Actually I ask the guy who did the indicator but he send me the mq4 of the second version of the indicator and I prefer the first one (he erase the first mq4).

So, this indicator pop an alert with a sound and a message and I want to change that alert, instead of a message I want to do something else, like send me a mail for example. I know I can't change the ex4, because it is a ex4 of curse but is it possible to create an alert based on the first alert. I mean when the alert of my indicator come, I want it to open a new alert, mine, with sending a mail or something. I'm sure there is a way, please help me ^^

Thx all

whroeder1 2016.10.23 12:14  
Find out what value(s) in what buffer(s) corresponds to the alert. New indicator can read them with iCustom and then do what you want. see Detailed explanation of iCustom - MQL4 forum
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