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Period Converter (create multiple offline charts in parallel)

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tk8888 2016.10.04 20:01 

When I drag the "Period Converter" (raw copy attached) to a chart (for instance, onto a 1-minute EURUSD chart), then I am able to separately create a new offline chart, for instance 3minute off-line chart (basically a new .hst file is created).

My ask from the clever team here is the following:

How can I modify the period converted in such a way that it would create multiple (say 3 separate) offline charts based on the 1-minute chart. not just 1 at a time? So in essence, it would create 2minute, 3minute and 4minute offline chart all at the same time in parallel, all after just dragging the script onto a chart once? Idea being I would not then have to repeat the process manually for each offline charts I would like to create.

Any ideas?

Hat off to anyone caring to answer!

Cheers, TK8888

whroeder1 2016.10.05 14:13  
tk8888: How can I modify the period converted i
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