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Using EA Optimizer - Never seems to work

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sji_sji 2016.09.25 16:03 

First post here, so sorry if this has been covered. 


I am attempting to use the EA optimizer with mixed results. It constantly just hangs, sometimes produces 2-3 results, or none at all.  I have a relatively powerful computer, but still nothing. I'm doing a trade that occurs once a week at a set time, using m1 data, 2 years back. Whether I have one input on, or 5, it does the same thing.


Fixed variable testing works fine, but I have close to 1400 possibilities I'd like to test and manually input is not an option.


Thanks in advance! 

Fernando Carreiro
Fernando Carreiro 2016.09.26 00:33  

Since you have not posted your code, it will be difficult for us to verify what the possible cause can be!

Incidentally, are you using the normal MetaTrader generated FXT test files or are you using 3rd party generated FXT files or 3rd party launchers (such as TickStory or Birts Tick Data Suite)?

whroeder1 2016.09.27 12:13  
  1. Are you storing data in objects that don't exist in optimization?
  2. Make one run in visual mode.
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