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Use my own Indicator data in EA - page 2

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Fernando Carreiro
Fernando Carreiro 2016.09.11 13:10  
parham.trader: If I change my indicator design and use the buffers ,the very first problem I'll face with, which is also of a high importance, is the arrays that contain " Datetime " and " String " variables that I can not assign them to buffers but I need them in my EA. How can I overcome this issue ?

Since I have no idea what you are doing with your arrays of "datetime" and "string" and find that very irregular, I can only offer you general advice:

  • Instead of arrays of "datetime", consider marking the appropriate "bar" of that event, in a buffer. For example, in the ZigZag indicator, the various lows and highs of particular bars/dates/times, are marked off in a buffer and are not stored as an array of "datetimes".
  • Instead of arrays of "strings", consider utilizing various buffers of different "arrows/symbols" to mark those instances on the chart instead of displaying text at those points, where each arrow/symbol depicts a certain description.

Since you have not provided your code, I cannot be appropriately specific about any particular alternative solution!

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