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Launch agents on an idle PC. It is profitable!
J_Henry 2016.08.23 12:29 
Hi guys!

I’m looking for a function that returns if the last trade was a win or lose trade. In other words, if the price hit the take profit or the stop loss of the last trade.

If someone decide help me, so, PLEASE, give-me a function that you have sure that work correctly, because I’m not programmer and I have too much difficult with programming… PLEASE…

Thanks a lot!

Fernando Carreiro
Fernando Carreiro 2016.08.23 12:38  

If you are not a programmer, then even if someone does give you the code, you would not know how to apply it anyway.

So, I suggest you hire someone to code your various requirements (EA, Indicator, etc.) for you at the Freelance section.

whroeder1 2016.08.23 16:57  
J_Henry: I’m looking
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